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helping your skin

Our hygienist Christelle talks about how you can help your skin:

Photo of Christelle Everyone wants to feel and look good. As the natural ageing process takes its toll on all of us, environmental factors, genetics and lifestyle increase the process.

I have learned that a holistic approach to my patients gives better results. They are more eager to follow advice regarding their oral health when they see it will benefit their general health. There are now proven links between gum disease and, for example: heart disease.

So it is not so unusual that I have also developed an interest in the health of my – and now also my patients’ skin. We know the benefits of a healthy diet – not only will it affect the health of your mouth, but also your skin and the list of benefits are endless.

At your hygienist appointment, I will often remind you that a good diet is important to prevent decay and that it helps with healing when your gums are inflamed. When you follow a good diet - it can/will have an impact on your skin - looking healthier.

So instead of just helping you look after your mouth I can also help you look after your skin in one convenient visit, it might just be a little longer than usual.

I went for a skin consultation a few years ago and it has made such a difference in my confidence. A few easy steps to follow:

  • use good skincare products,
  • apply sunscreen daily,
  • include oily fish in your diet,
  • drink plenty of water.

I have also been treated with Botox over the past few years which has really brought back the feel good factor. After having children and working full-time and the years rolling by I noticed the frown lines and lines on my forehead. But I just pretended that it was’nt bothering me, because I couldn’t do anything about it - but now I know I can have Botox.

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