advanced diagnostic tools

new modern Sopracare intra-oral camera system

This brand new camera system will help us detect early decay and lesions in your teeth. It will also reveal gingival infection and plaque. The camera pictures are added to your confidential records. We can compare them with later pictures to work out whether the health of your teeth and gums is improving or not. With this extra information we can give you a more targeted and effective treatment plan, and keep you in the picture with the photos.

'Daylight' image of tooth taken inside the mouth.'Daylight' image of tooth.
Black and white image of tooth showing red fluorescing area where there is bacterial tooth decay.Red fluorescing area shows where there is bacterial tooth decay.

The camera works by illuminating dental tissue in your mouth with a specific wavelength of light. The exposed tissue absorbs the light and fluoresces allowing us to show you any decay, as well as new and old dental plaque.

florida probe

We have a new piece of computerized kit called a Florida Probe. This allows us to quickly and accurately measure any gum detachment, allowing us to focus treatment and cleaning at significant disease sites. We then periodically re-measure the gums to see if the treatments are working, allowing us to respond with more or less treatment.

Florida probe in action between tooth and gum.Florida probe in action.
Diagram showing the Florida probe between tooth and gum.The probe is used along the outer gum line.
Diagramatic chart showing probe measurements for a patient's teeth.Example patient chart fragment showing probe measurements for each tooth.

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