dental charges

toothpaste and other incidentals like floss

New patient Examination: £125 includes Oral cancer screen, all necessary radiographs and Itero scan (£100 if paid in advance). Specialist consultation £100

We are confident that our fees fairly reflect not only the quality of materials and service we deliver, but also the expertise and advanced clinical capabilities of our dentists and our dental laboratory support.

Fee estimates for any treatment will be discussed with you in detail following a full diagnostic review of your mouth. We will give you a printed estimate and treatment plan for you to consider before proceeding.

Rather than face the uncertainty of paying for treatment when you need it, you may prefer to budget using one our pur payment plans. Our payment plans allow you to make fixed regular monthly payments to cover the costs of your dental treatment.

Our payment plans include regular consultations, advice and preventive care, so minimising the chance you will need repair work.

Please note that we make an infection control compliance charge (PCI) per visit of £10.00 for adults, but higher charges will apply for some treatments.

treatment charges for healthy teeth

Treatment Normal Payment Plan
Check up examination (of an adult) £79.00 Included
Check up examination (of a student) £50.00 Included
Check up examination (of a child) £40.00 Included
Check up consultation £89.00 Included
Check up Digital X Ray (each)
We use a new system of taking X-rays, called digital radiography, which reduces radiation by as much as 80 percent.
20.00 £18.00
Check up child's X Ray £15.00 £13.50
Hygienist - classic clean and polish £82.00 Included
Hygienist - ultimate scale and stain removal (using airflow) £102.00 £20.00
Fissure sealant from £52.00 from £46.80
Fluoride trays £237 £213.30
Sports mouth guards £160 £144
Dental retainers from £158 from £142.20

treatment charges for cosmetic dentistry

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
Straighten crooked teeth adult consultation £95.00 £95.00
Straighten crooked teeth child consultation £50.00 £50.00
Panoral X-ray £63.00 £63.00
Ceramic fixed braces single arch from £1315.00 £1315.00
Ceramic fixed braces upper and lower arches from £2625.00 £2625.00
Invisalign single arch from £2850.00 £2850.00
Invisalign upper and lower arches from £4515.00 £4515.00
Fixed bond retainer £250.00 £250.00
Removable retainers one £130.00 £130.00
Removable retainers two £190.00 £190.00
Removable braces £685.00 £685.00
Functional braces £1420.00 £1420.00
Stainless steel fixed single arch from £1525.00 from £1525.00
Aqua-prophy £105.00 £105.00
Teeth whitening home tray whitening from £400.00 from £360.00
Teeth whitening Power (Zoom) whitening £629.00 £566.00
Teeth whitening single tooth £295.00 £265.00
Teeth whitening extra gel £49.99 £49.99
Veneers from £915 from £823.50
Anti-wrinkle £275 £275

treatment charges for tooth repair

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
Filling amalgam from £179.00 from £161.10
Filling white from £179.00 from £161.10
Extractions from £179.00 from £161.10
Root canal treatment from £585.00 from £526.50
Crowns gold / bonded from £950.00 from £855
Crowns cosmetic from £915.00 from £823.50

treatment charges for tooth replacement

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
Bridge (per unit) from £837.00 from £753.30
Dentures full from £1805.00 from £1624.50
Dentures full upper or lower from £900.00 from £810.00
Dentures immediate temporary from £597.00 from £537.30
Dentures partial upper or lower from £875 from £787.50
Dentures chrome from £1800.00 from £1620.00
Dental implants consultation
Video about dental implants...
£95.00 £95.00
Single implant from £2870 from £2870

treatment charges for keeping healthy gums

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
Gum disease Specialist Consultation £89.00 £80.10
Gum disease Treatments from £73.30 from £65.97

charges for other treatment

TreatmentNormalPayment Plan
Therapeutic Laser £73.00 £73.00
Emergency replacement simple crown £175.00 £175.00
Dental Emergency £150.00 £150.00
Sedation £325.00 per 30 minutes £325.00 per 30 minutes
Invisalign GO with Vivera retainers and whitening £3300.00 £3300.00

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